On July 4th, Founder and Managing Director of BAC Education, Raja Singham visited Mentari Court in Petaling Jaya. He and his team of staff volunteers unloaded 200 bags filled with groceries, including 5kg rice bags for residents. Items were dropped off at a designated area, and then managed by Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia (JKM), to be distributed to residents.  

Just a couple of weeks ago, Mentari Court was one of the many residential premises around the nation which was placed under EMCO (Enhanced Movement Control Order). With barbed wires cordoning off the whole area, and tight security around the clock by enforcement personnel, no one was allowed in or out. 

With residents struggling to cope as their freedom of movement involuntarily robbed by the surge in positive cases, BAC Education stepped in to provide that temporary respite through food aid for 200 households in need, under its FreeMakan Campaign.