Families Ring In Malaysia Day With Joy Thanks To FreeMakan

September 16th 2021 is a day to be remembered by many. As Malaysians spent their Hari Malaysia holiday at home with loved ones commemorating the establishment of the Malaysian federation 58 years ago, the FreeMakan team celebrated differently altogether.   On this very day, FreeMakan partnered with Mr. William, a Community Mobiliser to hand out 129 grocery packs to families in need. This delivery was made possible by a generous kind-hearted individual, who made a substantial donation to FreeMakan.  FreeMakan and its partners were able to deliver 100 grocery packs to B20 and B40 families in Kapar, and 29 grocery packs to families in Cheras.   This act of kindness was just penultimate to a meaningful Merdeka Day celebration.  If you would like to be part of FreeMakan, connect with us. Together, let’s reach our goal and Uplift Malaysia together!   




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