Creador Foundation’s Generous Donation Feeds Taxi Drivers In Shah Alam

Creador Foundation's Generous Donation Feeds Taxi Drivers In Shah Alam

Our taxi drivers have not been spared from the clutches of Covid-19. The Persatuan Pemandu Teksi dan Kereta Sewa India Taman Sri Muda Shah Alam requested for food aid as they’ve been struggling to make ends meet due to the lack of passengers during this lockdown. These drivers have lost 80% of their income and were increasingly worried about procuring grocery supplies for their families. Thanks to Creador Foundation, we’re able to feed an additional 2,000 families with their generous donation of RM100,000. With these funds, we prepared grocery packs for 41 drivers. The Head of the Association, Mr. S Bala, collected the grocery packs from our warehouse on Saturday, 24th July, and carried out the distribution.            
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