Homesick. Displaced. Fear. Suspense. Insecurity.

These are just some of the internal struggles faced by this particular community. With lack of, or no communication with families back in their home country, no possessions and a secure job, especially during a time such as this – these people, known as refugees, and many other vulnerable groups throughout the nation are struggling.

This pandemic has threatened the livelihoods of society and most vulnerable communities, and in response to their plight, we at FreeMakan have been reaching out to refugee groups as we understand the challenges being faced – from discrimination, stigmatisation and  tensions with local communities.

On 26th August 2021, BAC Education deployed its FreeMakan Team to deliver 277 grocery packs to the refugee community in Ampang. Collaborating with Creador Foundation for this delivery, 125 grocery packs were distributed to Afghan refugees at Merdeka Villa, and another 152 to Myanmar Muslim/Rohingya refugees at Taman Tasik Tambahan.

Assisting the FreeMakan Team were Community Mobilisers Amri and Syaedah, the leaders of the Afghan and Myanmar Muslim/Rohingya refugees.

With strict procedures in place, and to maintain safety, recipients were called to one specific location to collect the items.